Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pigment haul! MAC & Ben Nye

Did a little Net shopping the other day; and look what the lovely mailman brought me today! Yay, more pigments to add to my collection. Or should that be ... to add to my obsession? :)
These are all sample sized as you can see. 1/4 tsp doesn't seem much, but I find they last forever, or at least until I've gotten bored and tired of them and moving on to trying new colors...

I assume most beauty addicts already know about M•A•C pigments.
Ben Nye is originally stage make up, but can be used for every day. The loose pigments are very similar to M•A•C pigments. They are long lasting and super-duper pigmented. Overall, the quality is very impressive in my opinion.

Well; this is what I got...

Heritage Rouge
Deep burgundy with red and brown pearl
Limited Edition

M•A•C Deep Purple
PRO Color
Pearled blackened burgundy

M•A•C Mauvement
Cool taupe with gold pearl

Limited Edition

Ben Nye Golden Apricot

M•A•C Jardin Aires
Gilded peach with silver reflect glitter
Limited Edition

M•A•C Teal
Stunning medium shimmering blue/green with pearl

Ben Nye Peacock

Comparison swatch:
M•A•C Teal to the left, Ben Nye Peacock to the right

That's all for now; hope you've enjoyed!


Phyrra said...

Deep Purple is GORGEOUS!
Mauvement is very interesting, would you use it as a lid color?
I LOVE the Teal!
Peacock is lovely, too.

Vanessa said...

I will use it as a lid color for sure! I'd describe it as a mid-tone shade. I think this color would look fab on any green and/or blue eyed gals :)

и¡†α said...

omg they are so beautiful where did you get them? thank you

Vanessa said...

Yes, they're awesome.
I got them here:

She has a good selection of pigments, check it out :)

Maya said...

Fin blogg, kommer kika in flera gånger :)
Jag lånade bilden på Deep Purple pigmentet, hoppas det är ok annars får du säga till.
Ha en bra dag!

Vanessa said...

Hej Maja!
Tack, du är välkommen när som helst :) Jag har allt varit inne på din blogg oxå, den skäms inte för sig den heller. Ang bilden; det är helt OK att du lånar den, men var snäll och skriv att den kommer härifrån i blogginlägget :)
Ha det bäst du med!