Thursday, October 29, 2009

NOTD: Wet n Wild Speed

Hello there readers!

May I present to you todays NOTD, which is Wet n Wild Speed.

This is a shimmering deep dark purple with blue and pink micro glitter, I've really been craving purples lately, must be the season ;)

Application was OK - the formula was good, but unfortunately the brush is a real disaster. It's really thick and dense, and the brush hairs are unevenly cut with wispy hairs pointing in different directions, which makes it a bit tricky to apply.

Also, it took quite some time to dry, even though I used Seche a topcoat - I made dents after several hours had passed - don't like formulas that behave like that. I really like the shade though!

Let's look at the pics then, shall we?

Direct sunlight...

Indirect sunlight...

The brush...

With flash... 
Looks way more "blurple" here than it really is

Close up...

So, which is your favorite purple?

That's all for now - I wish you all a great day, see you soon :)


kittyluvscolor said...

I love this shade! Sorry the brush is messed up! I don't know what my fav purple is I have so many I love!

Vanessa said...

I like the shade as well, and like you I loooove purples :))

contests and such said...

Yay! I am soo glad you are back!

This is a gorgeous color!

I don't know if I sent you my new url.

If I have I'm sorry :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Nessa!
I am happy to hear that :)
Got your new url, I've updated my link.
Talk to you soon ;)

krista carlson said...

Love this color...I want that sort of color for an eye color...wouldn't that be awesome!!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Krista!
AL "Mireille" from the Bete Noir Collection should make a good equivalent, don't you think? ;)