Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aromaleigh Spring Solstice Is Back!

Hello Beauties! And Happy December ;)

I just got a pleasant surprise when heading over to Aromaleigh's website - Spring Solstice is temporarily back - yay!
I've been awaiting this collection, since I missed out on it when it was available back this Spring! The whole collection will be sold for 2 weeks starting today, and after that part of the Spring Solstice collection will be permanent.

Shade Descriptions:

1. Mallow: Spring's first blush. The softest pale coral with shimmers of gold.

2. Heartleaf: The freshness of budding leaves with sparkles of violet.

3. Forget-me-not: The lush turquoise of petals, sparkling with magical turquoise sparkles.

4. Tansy: The deep golden color of closed flowerbuds, sparkling with blue highlight.

5. Jessamine: A walk through the Spring forest. Deep green and brown base with golden highlight shimmer.

6. Nasturtium: Dramatic neutral red, sparkling with highlights of pink sparks.

7. Phlox: A delicate, shimmering wash of pale silver grey with iridescent blue sparks.

8. Bellflower: A diaphanous violet purple tone, slightly sheer, with highlights of pink sparks.

9. Calendula: Warm mahogany brown with coppery sparkle shimmer.

10. Greenbrier: Lovely cool green with surprising sparks of blue, the color of the sky.

11. Alyssum: Soft frosty champagne pink with shimmer of green and blue.

12. Chicory: Rich copper with rose undertone, bright copper sparkle.

13. Hemlock: A complex, very wearable soft shimmering brown with undertones of green.

14. Lupine: Shimmering mid-tone smokey blue violet.

15. Candytuft: Petal pink with an abundance of violet sparkles highligting.

16. Trillium: Vibrant, but wearable fresh Spring green full of shimmering green sparkles.

17. Ondberry: A rich, softly shimmering eggplant purple with slight sparkles of gold.

18. Larkspur: Softly frosted lavender with a magical purple iridescence.

19. May Lily : My new favorite- the palest creamy greenish shimmer with sparkles of pink and violet.

20. Viburnum: Remember the coveted Le Mystere #69? The only Mystere that actually had a recipe? Well, this is it. The perfect marriage of cocoa brown and pewter. Softly frosted. Fantastic.

21. Godetia: Rosy brown shimmer with tiny sparkles of gold throughout.

22. Zinnia: So unique, this vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence.

I havent quite made up my mind yet as of which ones I'll order from this collection. Mallow, Larkspur, Viburnum, Zinnia, Ondberry, Hemlock and Trillium all look very tempting, though ;)

Now, tell me which your favorites from this collection are; I'd love to know!

The Spring Solstice Collection is available at Aromaleigh Cosmetics.

Pictures and shade descriptions are from Aromaleigh's website.


MaijuS said...

My favourites are:


Really nice colors!

Tuli said...

What a beautiful collection - I layed my eyes on some gorgeous colors :-)

Maya said...

Har aldrig hört talas om märket, men det var fina färger. Måste kolla in hemsidan!

Krista said...

I bought Hemlock and love it...