Thursday, November 12, 2009

Match Your Hair Color with Your Skin Tone!

Hello lovelies!

I came across this very interesting article about how to best match your hair color with regards to your skin tone. Lots of great tips, tricks and explanations of how to choose the best haircolor - and of course I wanted to pass it on to you, my dear readers ;)


by Nancy, Marketing Director

What Is Skin Tone?

Skin tone is the term used to describe your skin's warmth or coolness. For example, warm colored skins have yellow, red or peach undertones, while cool skins have undertones of pink, blue or violet. Although complexions can range from dark and olive to fair and light, basically skin tones are grouped into two categories--warm and cool. While many people can easily determine whether they have a warm or cool complexion, others may not be certain until they consider a few factors.

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Skye said...

thanx so much for this hun
i learnt so much

Vanessa said...

Great - I did to :))