Friday, November 6, 2009

The She Space Sample Baggies & Review

I thought this post might be helpful for anyone considering trying out The She Space mineral pigments.

Now, before you continue reading, please keep in mind that opinions expressed in this post are just my personal ones, based on my own experience ;)
Images in this post are clickable for larger view - I've left them huge, so that you can get a close look of the sample baggies with color names... (some pigments are regular, while some are limited editions - meaning some of these might not be available on the website anylonger)

I have ordered quite many pigment sample baggies from TSS in the past, and while both the color selection and the price is totally awesome, I have mixed feelings about them.

Let me just begin by saying I h-a-t-e baggies!! Although they are an economical way to try out lots of different shades, they are terribly messy to work with in my opinion. I much prefer sample jars, and I think if you have a choice, it's well worth it to spend a few extra bucks to get jars instead of baggies. (TSS don't offer sample jars, though) Of course you can always transfer the samples from the baggie to a jar yourself if you wish. I usually just tip a little out into a separate lid before I use them. Fussy, but it works ;)
Samples are very small, but as Heather (the owner) states on the website and on her blog, the samples are just that: samples - meant for you to try out for a few applications to see how you like a particular color.

Oki... moving on to the product itself.
I personally feel the quality is rather inconsistent - it's either hit or miss - pigmentation wise, that is. Many colors become really washed out when applied, leaving mostly shimmer/sparkle to be noticed on the eyelid. When you blend/buff the colors, they blend into nothing; the color almost totally disappears (and flies all over the place as well). This is not the case with ALL colors, but it happens with a lot of them, which is why I think it deserves to be mentioned.
The way I get around this when using my TSS pigments is I only use one lid shade and one highlight shade. That way I don't have to do a lot of blending/buffing - I just gently pat on my lid shade and after that I apply a highlighter shade on the brow bone.

It is possible I would have a different outcome with these if I foiled them... I haven't tried that, so can't comment on that aspect. Mind you, I rarely foil my pigments, because I think they become hard to work with and to blend when applied wet (goes for most pigments - not just TSS). Dry application has always been my preferred method, except when using pigments for lining. Maybe these do behave differently when applied wet/moist, I simply don't know. In my mind I shouldn't "have" to use them wet just to get them to show up, though ;) Also - I'm always in a hurry, so I want to avoid all unnecessary "extra steps" when getting ready...

Regardless of my seemingly not-so-great review of these, I keep buying TSS pigments. I don't think they are a bad product at all, in fact I quite like it, and if you are a fan of subtle eye color payoff, you might enjoy them too. If you visit the website you will find some of the brightest, most vibrant colors out there, as well as subtle, neutral everyday shades. New and limited collections are released on a regular basis, which I think is awesome.
Customer service is top notch at TSS; Heather always replies quickly to emails/inquiries, which is a great thing. Shipping time I would say is average - I usually have my orders within a two-week period (and I'm overseas). International shipping costs are amazingly low, too: $2,50 (goes for sample orders), which is far cheaper than I pay for domestic shipping up here!

Samples from The She Space IMO are very reasonably priced at fifty cents each, and come in tons of different colors, of which many are totally unique - which is one thing I really like about Heather's creations. Lots of truly amazing colors that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

Pigments can be purchased directly from The She Space's website.

I hope you've enjoyed this post - thanks for dropping by ;)


Ida said...

Wow that is a whole lot of samples! I keep reading that recently about the she space pigments though, that they're inconsistent. I haven't tried them because I find that I stick to exploring Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh pigments :)

Halifax said...

I prefer applying my pigments wet, just for the extra boost they give. I also find applying them wet avoids fallouts. Just a spay of water, it wouldn't take too much time. Try it :-)

Some colours are meant to be wash colours, so they might be sheer. I just ordered a buch of full size from TSS (thanks to the big sale) :-)

Vanessa said...

Hi Ida!
I've collected them for quite sometime... ;)
Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh are awesome indeed; same goes for Taylor Made Minerals and EGM and... You get it - lot of great companies out there, and I actually like TSS as well. As I was writing, I keep ordering from Heather because of the many unique colors she create, plus there's always something new happening on the site - I very much enjoy companies like that :)

Hi Halifax!
Your absolutely right; some shades are meant to be sheer, and often Heather states in the item description if it's a sheer color. I tend to stay away from ordering sheers (I rather go without eye shadow than apply something on my lid that's barely showing up; I don't see the point ;)) and I've therefore been really surprised many times, when I've ordered shades that aren't described as sheers, but actually end up being very sheer.
You're also right regarding wet application - it does make the colors more vivid and vibrant, but I always have trouble trying to blend them afterwards... Perhaps it's just me doing something wrong, maybe I just need to practice ;)

nihrida said...

Thank you so much for this review. I found it really helpful. I think I might buy some samples myself some day. :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Nihrida!
Great, I hoped it would be.
If you order anything, don't forget to show us ;)

krista carlson said...

I order a bit from Heather especially when there is a sale. She is local for me so sometimes I just go there to get what I need and she is the most loving awesome person I have ever met. She would do anything for you....Just love her. Very fun to hang out with. Some colors are too light for me and if you do use more than one you can tend to blend them out. some though are very amazing. I don't like to foil either. Hate it...Makes too big of a mess...I have been really bad and getting into the more traditional makeup again. I love the holiday palettes and with all this mineral company stuff going on it is hard to be a part of it...I am trying to stay out of it...I am enjoying myself still and spending too much on makeup as always...

Skye said...

ur reviews on the pigments are just amazing, extremelly helpful thankyou so much

Vanessa said...

Hi Krista!
I agree with you - Heather is a really sweet person. although I've only dealt with her through cyberspace ;) I'm so envious of you living that nearby, awesome!
I do agree - she makes some really amazing shades, and she always come up with new, exciting stuff as well, which I can never seem to steer away from ;)
This MMU scandal is troubling... although I think it's a good thing it's discussed and focused on, so that we (the consumers) are able to make informed decisions of what we are buying, and who/where we choose to buy from.
I'm also using traditional makeup every now and then, depends on my mood ;)
Is it the MAC holiday palettes you are referring to? Which one(s) are you lemming?

Hi Skye!
Oh, great!! Thank you, I'm so glad you found it helpful :)
(doing the happy dance ;))

Robyn said...

I completely agree with your review. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us.

Vanessa said...

You're most welcome, Robyn :)