Saturday, January 30, 2010

NOTD - OPI Absolutely Alice ♥

So, I know I'm kinda late to the ongoing party in Wonderland, but hey - being an International means never getting your hands on new polish collections very early, I'm afraid ... :(

Well, since I am in a party mood today, I'll add in my swatches of Absolutely Alice anyway.
I almost fainted when I opened the parcel and digged out this beauty! This one (as well as "Mad As A Hatter" which was also in that very same package) is truly amazing -  just looking at the bottles brings a smile to my face. Perhaps I'm easily amused.... ;)

On to the pics then, shall we..?

 Direct sunlight...


Bling-gasm!! :)

Chillin' in the snow...

Close up - do enlarge!

Absolutely Alice is a bright blue glitter with some gold suspended in a clear base. It's the gold that makes this an interesting and quite unique shade, I can't recall having seen any polish quite like this one before. It’s truly dazzling!
Application was very nice, just make sure you load the brush with enough polish - if the brush is too dry you may easily end up wiping away the glitter, leaving blank "spots" behind. Since the base is clear, three coats are needed in order for it to be opaque.
I did apply a fairly thick coat of Seche Vite on top, since the surface otherwise tends to feel a little grainy.

Have you bought any of the AIW shades? What do you think of the collection?

Til next time - ♥


Krista said...

I was really wanting to get this color and now I am going to have to get this.  You did an amazing job....

Vanessa said...

<span>Hi Dear! 
Thank you ♥ 
Go get it, woman - you won't regret it. At least not until you're gonna get it off, that is.... ;)  
It's a PITA (NO - it's worse than that, I promise) to remove, so prepare to put your patience up to test! 
BUT - it's so worth it, this little Alice is strikingly beautiful :) </span>

HeavenNRJ said...

Pretty colour! But I hate glitters because of the removal process. Absolutely agree on the "worse than PITA". lol I'll just stare at your pictures. :)

Vanessa said...

Hehehe - I take it you have gone through the same process regarding glitter polish removal.. lol!! :-D

AllYouDesire said...

Very nice on you! I didn´t buy it because of the removal, I am just sooo lazy

Vanessa said...

Thank you ♥ I'm a lazy one as well, so I'll probably not be wearing it as often as I'd like , just because of that ;)

HeavenNRJ said...

Glitter is EVIL! I tried that "foil-soaking method", but it is still PITA! lol And, I finally bought Depend (green) nail polish remover. Tried it yesterday, and now it seems that all polishes are hard to remove! :/

I tagged you! Hopefully I'm the first one to do so :) :

Vanessa said...

Evilness it is, then, lol!!
The Green Depend is the one that is more "environmental friendly", isn't it?
While that is a great thing, the downside with it is that it takes a bit longer to remove polish, I believe.
I haven't tried the green one myself, so I really can't say, but it seems to be the case... :(

Wow - you tagged me?! (*blushing*) Off to your site to check - thanks!! ♥

sarah said...

love the girl.. :) am a new follower. would love if wod follow back+ am having a giveaway mineral eyeshadows do check tat out

HeavenNRJ said...

I bought it because of the "eco friendliness".:) Now I realise I was a little bit too naive for believing it'll remove polishes easily. And now I'm even afraid of putting shimmers (not even speaking of glittery nightmares) on my nails because of all that fuss. lol

The only things I liked that it doesn't smell very strong and that it's kind of oily in consistency, meaning that it doesn't dry my hand skin, which is in its worst condition in winter.

Lily nail said...

i love this color !!!

Helen said...

Hi Sarah!
Gonna check out your blog for sure ;)
Thanks for following!

Heaven NRJ:
That's great regarding the smell ;)
If I were you I'd just go out and buy a new one... and keep the Eco friendly one as a backup for "crises" situations... ;)

Hi Lily!
Thanks - I love it as well... sparkle awesomeness.. ♥

HeavenNRJ said...

Haha, I'd be glad to buy another one, but they all are not perfect (incl. smelly Maybelline and Mavala). lol And I can't use acetone because it terribly dries my hands. I guess I'll suffer for eco-friendliness. Let's see what I'll say in 2-3 weeks. lol