Thursday, January 28, 2010

♥ Pink Polish Lemming Wheel ♥

Good day, dearest reader.
Hope you are all doing fine!

In the next couple of weeks I'll attempt to work through some of my backlog... so much stuff I want to post! Just haven't had the time - I sometimes wish there was 30++ hours a day, instead of 24.

Anyway, this is one of my polish swatching wheels, or whatever you wish to call it :)

These are all pinks (or at least "pinkish" ;)), let's see if I can enable some of you into new polish purchases.. ;)

Click to enlarge!

  1. Misa "Siren"
  2. Sally Hansen "Wildlife"
  3. Zoya "Vivi"
  4. Sinful Colors "Forget Now"
  5. China Glaze "Limbo Bimbo"
  6. Orly "Hawaiian Punch"
  7. Zoya "Brooke"
  8. Sinful Colors "Shining Heart"
  9. OPI "If The Fuchsia Fits..."
  10. Zoya "Anaka"
  11. Precision "Pardon My French"
  12. OPI "It's All Greek To Me"
  13. Depend #122
  14. Depend #87
  15. NYX Girls "Poppy"
  16. Sinful Colors "Pretty"
  17. Color Club "Green Is The New Pink"
  18. Mavala #328 "Rose"
I love "wheel swatching" - it's so much fun! I have a few more of those wheels, which I'll be posting later on.

So - any lemmings?

Til next time - ♥


    HeavenNRJ said...

    The same here! 24 hours is definitely not enough! :) The time flies like crazy!

    Wow! So many pinks! :) I have "only" 5 pink nail polishes (Wet'n'Wild Rock Solid in Pink Sapphire and Orly Super Natural being my faves), but do not wear them as often as I used to wear a couple of years ago. The only pink I want is Zoya Erika. Have you seen/tried that one?

    Those wheels are super handy! I got so many new polishes over these past months. Gotta paint my wheels! :)

    Vanessa said...

    I'm just like you, I have many pinks, but I seldom wear them. I do like pinks though, a lot - especially for Spring/Summer.
    Actually I've been lemming Erika for quite a while, but no, I haven't got it as of today.
    Oh, how I wish that Transdesign would carry Zoya! :)

    HeavenNRJ said...

    Me too! :) And Nubar also! I want Zoya's Erika and Anastasia, plus Nubar's Greener and Iced Licorice. But they're so freaking expensive in Ebay (for international buyers at least), that I gave up.

    Vanessa said...

    I soooo agree!! I love Nubar - I think they have so exciting, unique shades - I've been drooling over "Earth" from that collection, and Greener certainly is gorgeous as well :)
    Shall we threaten the e-Tailers, ya think? Hehehe....
    And regarding Zoya - I honestly have so many on my list that I don't know in what end to start collectiong... Let's see, just to mention a few: Demi, Max, Astra, Areetha, Cassi, Kylie2, Maya, Ki, LC, Calypso, Kali, Divincia, Blair, Rihanna, Uma, Lauren, Bridgit, Morgan, etc, etc.... and Adina and Reece from the new Spring Collection... you get the idea? Geez, I really DO have a polish!
    It's great to have online friends whose minds think alike! :)

    HeavenNRJ said...

    Oh my! What a list you have! :) My situation (read:obsession) isn't better. lol Additionally I have a bunch of China Glaze and OPI on my wishlist. Why on Earth there are so many nice shades? lol

    Haha! Exactly! I thought of the petition "Give international buyers Zoya and Nubar for a normal price" thingy. :) Currently I know only one Ebayer who sells Nubar and Zoya internationally, but the shipping charges are crazy! It makes each polish cost above 10 EUR (and you have to order 6!). Not very good, isn't it? I'm on a constant quest now. Gotta do something about it! :)

    Musicalhouses said...

    I don't even like pinks very much, but looking at some of your pinks makes me want more too..

    Vanessa said...

    Absolutely!! ;)

    Vanessa said...

    Glad to be an enabler.. ;)