Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Escada Ocean Lounge Summer Fragrance 2009

I am an avid fan of Escada's limited edition summer fragrances! I love most of the previously released ones, and the scent to be released this summer I guess will be no exception judging from the description. I haven't tried it yet, but indeed it sounds yummy :)

From the Escada website:

"Ocean Lounge is the evocative new summer fragrance from a fresh and captivating scent that perfectly captures the ultimate halcyon moment of summer. Seventeenth in the line of ESCADA's hugely successful limited edition seasonal fragrance collection, Ocean Lounge is inspired by that magical summer holiday moment when the late afternoon sun gives way to a sensually charged party atmosphere.

The fragrance features a cool and refreshing combination of exotic summer fruits. Sweet strawberry meringue and delicate frozen lychee are blended with Kakadu plum and Anjou pear nectar to create tantalizing overtones that conjure memories of carefree summer days spent sipping cocktails in the sun".

Does this sound yummy or what? I can't wait to add this to my stash of fruity, fresh summer fragrances



Nixxy said...

Yum! I loooved the Escada summer fragrances, but I had to stop buying them eventually cos they all started smelling so similar I couldn't tell them apart! Haven't smelt one in a couple of years now, so maybe they've changed? My fave perfume is DKNY Be Delicious now...

Vanessa said...

Ohhhh; Be Delicious IS delicious! :)
I am currently in love with D&G The One.

Brooke said...

After I read the name Ocean Lounge I was wondering why the bottle was red, pink and orange, but then after reading the description it made sense - lol. They do make it sound like I could just put a straw in it and start sucking away :)

Vanessa said...

Oh; me to, Brooke!

Nixxy said...

What's The One like? is it fruity?

Vanessa said...

I'd call it a warm, "floriental" fruity scent. It's so sensual and glamorous. Try to see if you can get a sample of it; it's totally worth the effort ;)

Robyn said...

I don't have a comment on this perfume; however, I just noticed that I have a shirt with the same saying as your blinky at the bottom of your blog. "Well behaved women rarely make history." It's a quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich and it's one of my favorite shirts. I wear it to lots of our Girl Scout events to remind the girls to be different and to not conform.

Vanessa said...

Hi Robyn!
How cool :)
A committed Scout mom; that's great!
I believe it's important to encourage girls to dare to be different.
You have to send me a pic of you wearing this shirt; I promise not to publish it online ;)