Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Package Day Again, My First Essies :)

Bought these from an eBay seller recently, and today this lovely package was delivered!

I'm so exited to try these; there seems to be mixed opinions on Essie polishes, it'll be fun to finally test them out.
I'm also eager to try the Citra III, since I have problems with my nails splitting at the sides, and they are also overall very brittle, dry and fragile at the moment :(
The lovely Steph over at Nail Juice wrote a glowing review of Citra; you can read it here!
Anyway; I think a lot of those problems are due to the harsh weather/winter climate we've been experiencing those past months. Terribly cold outside, and extremely dry air inside. Both hair, skin and nails are acting up; dry, itchy skin, fly away hair and those nails cracking and splitting... I need summer ASAP! Or at least some spring :)

What's your take on Essie?

Off to feed the daughter; see you very soon :)


Brooke said...

I only have a couple Essies but I have had no problems with the ones I have. I really like them actually. They just don't have enough bright colors for me, or I would probably have alot more.

Vanessa said...

Yes Brooke; I've noticed that they have mostly subtle beige/nude/pink shades in their array of color.
I did see a preview of bolder, brighter shades that will be release this summer over at Scrangie's earlier today. Blues, yellow and green polishes! That's a welcome step in the right direction, huh? :)

Brooke said...

I just saw those too after I was just here talking about they don't have enought bright colors, lol! I can't wait till they get some more info on that collection, they all look like pretty cool colors.

Vanessa said...

They certainly do :)