Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NOTD: China Glaze Raspberry Festival - Summer Days :)

Todays NOTD is China Glaze Raspberry Festival from the summer 09 Summer Days collection (summer is coming, summer is coming...!! :)).

This is a pink/red glass fleck jelly color. It dries to a totally smooth, hi-gloss glistening finish; truly amazing and so unique! It was impossible to fully capture this sparkling beauty with my camera; the sparkles just won't show up as much as they do IRL.
I can't believe how much I really like this one; definitely a keeper for me!
Swatches are three coats with Poshé top coat.

Direct sunlight...

Indirect sunlight...

Have you picked up any Summer Days shades? Aren't they spectacular? Any favorites?

That's all I have for now, see you soon :)



Nessa said...

Umm wonderful! I haven't picked up any b/c I want them all!

Velvet said...

This is too funny!! I just posted Watermelon Rind from the collection! I guess great minds think alike! LOL!

Velvet said...

In my excitment I forgot to mention that Raspberry Festival looks beautiful on you. I haven't tried mine yet. Now I know what to look forward too!!

Vanessa said...

Nessa; thank you! I'm so frustrated I cannot fully capture it's sparkling beauty, though!
It was hard to pick out any specific colors, because as you say they are all gorgeous! I had to settle for only 2, I picked this one and Watermelon Rind which I'll swatch very soon.

Vanessa said...

LOL!! Too funny; I just saw that too when I had posted this! Mind-reading?
And, thank you; I love the shade!

Lucy said...

Hi Vanessa! The raspberry shade is a gorgeous color. Looks very pretty on you. I bought the whole collection. Couldn't resist them.

Phyrra said...

I LOVE this polish, and my guys love it too! You took some GREAT pictures of it.

Nixxy said...

Yum! I'd be so into these if it wasn't for the formaldehyde :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Lucy!
Thank you!
I so envy you for picking up the whole collection; I totally understand that you weren't able to resist...;)

Hi Phyrra!
Thanks! I know you've been taking good pics of the ones you have from this collection too ;)

Hi Nixxy!
Aww, that darn formaldehyde again...:(
The good news is that you're getting so good at Frankening that I bet you'll come up with a dupe one of these days.. ;)

Thank You All!

inthemake said...

Vilken underbar röd!! sjukt snygg!

Vanessa said...

Ja, den är faktiskt kanon snygg :)

Nixxy said...

hehehe good point! :)