Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Latest Chagrin Valley Soap Haul :)

Happy Saturday to All! I really hope you're having a lazy, relaxing day ;)

May I present to you my latest haul from Chagrin Valley Soap!

As some of you already know, I truly love the wonderful products this company makes. They are all natural; none of the soaps contain detergents, lye, synthetic fragrances or colorants, alcohol or animal fats. These products are packed with only natural, high potent skin loving ingredients!
I try to choose natural (chemical free) and plant derived products whenever I have the chance to, just because it feels better for me to do so. Since our skin is the body's largest organ, which absorbs anything and everything like a sponge, I think we should take into consideration what we put on it...
On the other hand I'll have to admit that I'm not a very consequent person, though; tomorrow I might buy a chemical packed bottle of nail polish, or a traditional foundation so it's obviously not a matter of a perspective set in stone ;)

Enough rambling, on to the divine smelling products... (as always, all images are clickable for larger view)

Laid out in the grass, just chillin'...

Cucumber Lime Yogurt, mmm, sounds delicious, right?
It's tempting to get a bite of this, but I honestly don't think that would be a very yummy experience... ;)
Anyway; this is my current facial soap. These soaps never leave a tight feeling to my face - on the contrary I'm left with baby soft skin! It deeply cleanses, taking away every single trace of dirt and make up and actually feels really moisurizing. I'll never go back to regular facial cleansers again.

If you read the label you can see that everything in there are all natural, skin loving ingredients!

Tower of divine smelling awesomeness!
Or should I say awesoapness? ;)

Top to bottom: Dead Sea Spa, Honey Butter, Rhassoul Clay and Cucumber Lime Yogurt

These bars are huge! The last me for quite some time, needless to say depending on usage.
The Dead Sea Spa soap on the top is the sample size.

Whipped Shea Butter & Honey Butter Lip Balm...

This Shea butter is truly a pleasure to use! I use it as a body butter cream, it melts upon skin contact. It's very concentrated so a little goes a long way.
The scent is smoky, earthy (you can choose from four different scents, this is the unscented version).

Ingredients list of Whipped Shea Butter...

Honey Lip Butter Balm.
Honestly the best lip balm I've ever used. Deeply quenches my lips with all natural, moisture rich ingredients; no parabens, petroleum jelly, animal by-products, artificial fragrance or colorants to be found here.
For those of you interested, I highly recommend you to check out this info regarding petroleum based lip balms.
I've also tried the Hemp/Illipe lip balm from this range in the past, and it's wonderful as well, but I personally like this one better. Addiction in a jar ;)

All of these soaps can be used for both face and body. They won't dry out your facial skin, only pamper it! And after using this soap in the shower, I've noticed that I rarely need to slather on body lotion anymore, at least not during summer time ;)

I highly recommend you to check out these and many other wonderful products at Chagrin Valley Soap if you are a friend of natural skin care as well. To read my previous CV post/review, please click here.

That's all I have for you right now. See you soon!

Please note that I am not affiliated with Chagrin Valley Soap in any way, nor is this post endorsed by them. I obviously do love their products however ;)


Phyrra said...

I like the new look of the blog! The Dead Sea Spa and Honey butter sound wonderful.

The lip balm sounds good too!

My favorite lip balm for the past year has been the Aromaleigh stuff, as it just feels wonderful to me. Have you tried it? Can you tell me how they compare if so?

krista carlson said...

Sounds like some great products. I love the natural body products. I normally find mine thru etsy. I have gotten some great products. I haven't found any to die for lip balms yet. I tend to neglect putting stuff on them anyway. I will have to check out these products. Thanks for sharing...

Vanessa said...

Hi Phyrra!
Thanks, I felt it needed a little face lift :)
I haven't tried the AL lip balm, so I can't compare them, sorry...

Hi Krista!
Oh, I can totally imagine Etsy being a great spot for finding yummy natural products! I mainly use my lip balm night time, I always wear lip stick or gloss during the days ;)

Marie said...

De här grejerna såg ju jättespännande nu, påminner lite om LUSH:s grejer eller hur?
Du har ju beställt till Sverige, vad kostade frakten? Vore spännande att testa, jag var på väg att skaffa grejer från LUSH men varför inte testa detta?

Vanessa said...

Hej Marie!
Har varit iväg på kalas, så ursäkta dröjsmålet :)
Frakten till Sverige går på 13 dollar, och då ryms det upp till 7 full size tvålar. De skickar i ett sk Flat Rate Envelope, och dessa dimper ner i brevlådan direkt ;) (Har aldrig fastnat i tullen)

Jag har långt ifrån 100 % kännedom om alla LUSH's produkter, men jag har fått tvålar från dem i present vid några tillfällen, och varje gång jag läst innehållsdeklarationen på dem så har jag tyvärr blivit allt annat än imponerad, massor med syntetiska och potentiellt irriterande ämnen, yuck... Det kan jag lova att du inte kommer att finna i de här produkterna :)

Beställ hem en omgång och testa, vetja; det finns sample sizes att köpa av alla tvålarna, på så sätt kan man köpa lite fler så man kan testa olika "sorter" :)

Har du ytterligare frågor eller funderingar är Du välkommen att kontakta mig via email länken i sidomenyn.

Lucy said...

I was looking around on Etsy and they do have so many people that make soaps. I would love to try them all. Have a Happy Sunday. I'm behind in my blog reading. I like your photo cube.

Vanessa said...

Hi Lucy!
I can imagine there are lots and lots of soap makers out there, it's impossible to try them all out I'm afraid. But it's a tempting idea, though!
Thanks for commenting on the cube :)