Thursday, June 18, 2009

New NYX Lipglosses With Swatches

Hi gals! And guys too... if you're out there lurking ;)

These are my new NYX lipglosses! Well, that wasn't exactly true - they are actually my mothers, I ordered these on her behalf ;)
However, she was kind enough to let me swatch them all, so I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to buy NYX online, since relying on the online swatches is like playing Russian roulette, you have no idea what to expect the colors to look like IRL...

Let's have a look then!

L-R: Gold Mauve, Salsa, French Kiss, Copper Penny, Sunrise

L-R: Gold Mauve, Salsa, French Kiss, Copper Penny, Sunrise

Slightly different angle...

L-R: Gold Mauve, Salsa, French Kiss, Copper Penny, Sunrise

My mom found her HG lipgloss when trying French Kiss from my stash some time ago, so she was eagerly awaiting this package ;) She bought the others on a whim more or less, turned out she wasn't very fond of Gold Mauve (too violet) and Sunrise (too red) so she ended up giving those to me ;)
I'm not quite sure I'll ever use Gold Mauve - makes me look like a corps - but it would be perfect for a "goth girl" I'm sure.

So, which is your holy grail lipgloss?

See you soon, take care ;)


HeavenNRJ said...

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in 347/Raffia orange is my HG. I'm afraid to use it a lot, because we don't have it in shops anymore.:( Long-lasting, non-sticky, very light, fine shimmer, beautiful colour and no funky smell!:) I have Sweetheart NYX gloss. To be honest, the only thing I like is the colour and... only in combination with Indian Pink NYX lipstick. Separately they're horrible... IMHO :)

HeavenNRJ said...

Try to mix Gold Mauve with Salsa for instance? I always mix the shades and textures I don't like.:) In my previous comment mentioned colour mix is a good example.

Mary said...

Those are all very pretty. I've never tried this brand and it seems to get a lot of attention. My go-to lip gloss is MAC Sweetness from the Barbie collection (LE, of course :/) and it's almost empty, so I may have to resort to e-bay!

Vanessa said...

Hi HeavenNRJ!
Hello neighbour ;)
Oh, so you don't care for these? I think the glosses are more than OK, especially for the price, but we are all so different ;) Great tip mixing the Gold Mauve with another gloss, I'll try that.
Have you tried searching for the Dior gloss online?

Hi Mary!
Ahhh, why is that that the prettiest shades are always limited edition? So frustrating! Thank God for ebay ;)
Btw; I LOVE your new picture - you look lovely!

Nixxy said...

My fav lip gloss was actually just a normal Cover Girl Lip Slicks (I think what was what they were called) colour - forgotten what the shade was - like a deep raspberry. Used it everyday for 5 years, then they discontinued them. Haven't been able to find anything like it since :(

HeavenNRJ said...

The colour range and price are both fantastic, I agree.:) It's just me with my weird "sense of smell" and "little obsession with non-sticky lippies". LOL Have just found a website with my gloss in stock (free shipping worldwide atm!), but have to wait a bit because I've spent too much this month. Poor hubby! LOL

Vanessa said...

Hi Nixxy!
Ahh, to bad they discontinued it! Your quest of finding the HG gloss continues then, I guess?

Hi HeavenNRJ!
People sensitive to smelling products have a hard time with these glosses, I can imagine ;) Luckily for me, I enjoy the cherry smell (at least it smells like cherry, or bubblegum to me). I also actually like a little stickiness, lol! I go nuts using non sticky products, because I always find I have to go to the bathroom and reapply every 5 minutes or so, and I'm just way too lazy keeping up with that ;)
But yet again; we are all so different, and thank God for that (amen, lol!) ;)
I'm glad you found it online - I'm sure hubby won't mind; he'll have a happier wife, no? #:)

Helen said...

My HG was an Estee Lauder that turned out to be a one-off promo. It was a sheer pink with a purpley beige undertone - utterly amazing.

At the moment I'm liking MAC Explicit but I also love Dior Kiss Iced Latte - it has the best formula I've ever used.

I have over 50 lip glosses I think - can't stop buying them just in case I get a dupe for that Estee Lauder one of old.

Velvet said...

I'm liking the Salsa. Yet..I haven't tried Nyx. So many cosmetics to!

Robyn said...

Coincidentally, French Kiss is my favorite gloss too! Aromaleigh's Buzz lip gloss was my HG gloss before their line of glosses were discontinued.

Lucy said...

Pretty glosses! Vanessa during the half price sale I bought so many lipsticks! I remembered how good you said they were. I do love them. I don't have a favorite lipgloss. I have so many that I try to wear different ones.

french manicure said...

Those are all very pretty.