Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taylor Made Minerals Sample Haul - Initial Impression

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday ;)

Today I thought I'd show you my very first samples from Taylor Made Minerals. This is actually two separate orders that arrived a few days apart.

I'd been curious about this mineral makeup for a while, so decided to give them a shot and I'm so glad I did! Holy guacamole; this stuff really rocks my socks! These minerals are SO extremely pigmented and intense, providing awesome color payoff. I think I can honestly say that they are probably the most pigmented powders that I've come across up until today. I have tested all of them on my hands/arms, and every single one delivers! I sound like a sales person here; I swear I'm not, lol!

I have used these a few times, but haven't gotten around to post an EOTD using them yet. Will do that soon, promise ;) Now I've only ordered eye pigments, so I really cannot comment on the quality of the rest of their product range, but if they are anything like these eye pigments they most certainly will be good.

So, let's take a look then, shall we?
As always, all pictures are clickable for larger image...

Haul #1:

Crappy pic... sorry ;)

And pics of haul #2...

And here they are all together...

Sample baggies are 1/4 tsp and cost $1.00. Shipping was very reasonable priced, I think I paid about $4, which is cheapo when you're living overseas ;) Orders arrived in a timely manner, I got those packages within 10 working days.

I promise I will update you all with some EOTD's using these.

Have you tried Taylor Made Minerals? If so, what's your take on their products?


Helen said...

That is an amazing haul. I love eyeshadows and pigments like this - wow, lucky you! Can't wait to see some EOTDs!

Vanessa said...

Hi Helen!
I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve when these arrived ;)
Great to see ya!

Velvet said...

Amazing! I think I just went to color heaven...lol! Sooo many colors to pick from. How do you decide on which ones to wear? No, I haven't tried Taylor Made. At least not yet. I'm curious now! I look forward to some EOTDs.

Vanessa said...

Hi Velvet!
I just go with what feels right ;)
They certainly have lots of shades to choose from, I want to sample them all!! lol :)

Phyrra said...

Retort and Sovereign look nice! So do Millenium, Occult, Pop, Margaret, Aisley, Merlin and Grace.

Vanessa said...

Hi Phyrra!
You would love these, I have had you in mind ever since receiving this haul, since I know how much you appreciate great pigmentation (well, I think most of us do, but anyway ;))
Have you tried Taylor Made? If not, rush on over there, gurl :)

и¡†α said...

I looove Taylor Made their minerals are awesome! Deco is a killer dupe for Vanilla pigment seriously its exactly the same color, and the "nude" color is beautiful too

Mary said...

I love them all, but Liquid and Fiji Beach really appeal to me. I make a mess with minerals, so no, I haven't tried them :)

Nailz-In-Aus said...

love these pigments there g0rjuzzz wish we had amazing shadows like that in aus

Vanessa said...

Nails-In-Aus - well, I'm overseas too, and we don't have these available here either ;) Luckily for us, this company ships overseas, and for a very reasonable price as well, yay for E-shopping!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Nita!
Yes, they are awesome ;) I'll check up the Deco shade, thanks for the tip!

Hi Mary!
Those are beautiful, very multi dimensional shades. I know, the messiness is the downside with Mineral Makeup, but I love it anyway ;)

Nessa said...

Wow $1 each that's awesome! And the freebies that they have on their site with every order is so cool!
After I move I may have to order from them. I might have asked you this already or you may have even done this already, but have you thought about making np with these? I bet they would turn out awesome! That's probably what I would really use these for if I bought them :)
BTW, where did you get your cool decal that writes your name? I want one- e-mail me contestsandsuch@gmail.com.

Lucy said...

Nice colors you picked Vanessa. I looked at their website. Really nice how you can click on a color and you get a description. Love that since it's sometimes hard to tell what the finish will be. Lots of nice shades. I really love when the minerals are really pigmented. I'll be ordering from them in the future. Can't wait for lots of EOTD's.

Vanessa said...

Hi Nessa!
I'm really digging the freebies as well ;)
I have thought about making nail polish, and I absolutely intend to try it, I just haven't gotten around to it ;) Will update ya!
I'll pm you ASAP ;)

Hi Lucy!
Thanks!! And let me tell you those color descriptions are very accurate as well, and so are the swatches. I know, it's really annoying and frustrating trying to figure out what online swatches will look like IRL. Some companies have really good online swatches, some really suck if you excuse the word ;) I'm working on a post right now with swatches of all the colors I got from Taylor Made, so stay tuned ;)
Please let me know if you order anything, will you? I'd love to hear what you pick out, and what you think ;)

krista carlson said...

Holy moly girl are you gonna be busy with some lovely looks to show us I hope....Those colors really do look intense. Can't wait to see them!!!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Krista!
Yup, will be... busy, that is ;)
They really are intense, which I love!