Friday, February 5, 2010

Guess My Name - Time To Come Clean + Misc Hauls

Good Day, everyone!

OK, so I've been meaning to do this post for awhile, but as usual haven't gotten around to it until now.
There has been some confusion (naturally so) regarding my changing my posting/blogger ID name from Vanessa to Helen; I've received a couple of emails about it, and I know there are some of my other blogger acquaintances wondering as well - so today is the day to come clean about it.
(Of course, those of you who are new followers haven't seen me posting as Vanessa, so there will be no adjusting problems for you ;) )

I've decided to start posting under my real name - which is Helen - Vanessa is the name of my precious daughter, and I felt it was time to stop hijacking her name, lol!
Also, it does feel quite awkward having people write: "Hi Vanessa" when it isn't my real name...
This means we are now officially two "Helens" in the nail Blogosphere (at least that I know of) - myself and our wonderful fellow English blogger (from Helen & Sheenie).
Hopefully you won't have too much trouble telling us apart!

So - now you gals have something new to learn over the weekend, which is a hard thing, isn't it...? lol!
Really - I bet you'll adjust in no time.

And here's just a few teaser pics of recent hauls - I'll feature these items in upcoming blog posts soon.


Have a GREAT weekend!! ♥


Nixxy said...

LOL well as Vanessa is my name too, I have to commend your good taste!

Tuli said...

I think I'm getting started to use to it :-)
And these pictures....yummy....can't wait to hear more about all these beautiful products :-)

Kim said...

Haha.. my name's Helen too, but I go by my middle name instead. :X

krista carlson said...

Wowee...Some awesome products....I kinda figure when I saw you follow on my blog that just maybe your real name was Helen and Vanessa was an imposter...

Helen said...

Hi Nix!
Thank you - I find the name beautiful ♥

Hi Tuli dear!
Glad to hear you are getting used to it ;) And hauling is yummy, I agree! Cures most ill :D

Hi Kim!
But Helen is such a nice name, lol!
Kim is a beautiful name as well, so really doesn't matter which one you choose ;)

Hi Krista!
Imposter... ROFLMAO!!

Robyn said...

I'm so glad you finally told everyone. It's been a bit weird knowing your name is Helen for all these months but still calling you Vanessa when I leave comments so as not to "out" you.

And, I can't wait to hear/see more about your NYX lippie haul.