Monday, February 1, 2010

♥ Makeup Techniques Based on Eye Shapes ♥

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It is not very difficult to learn how to use optical illusions to your own advantage. This post will show you how to improve your eye shape and make your eyes look more beautiful with the help of shadows, mascara and eyeliner.
Before we get into talking about different eye shapes, there are some general rules that can be helpful as guidelines along the way:

  • Dark shades make your eyes visually smaller, deep set, whilst light shades, on the contrary, make them appear bigger. If you want to create the effect of big, attractive eyes, prefer light eye-shadows. 
  • Eye shadows applied after an eye pencil or any other kind of eyeliner will make your eyes look softer and dreamy. For a more dramatic look, apply eyeliner after the application of eye-shadows.
  • Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes, and then cover them with a layer or two of mascara. Avoid lining the inner edge of the lower eyelashes, as it can make your eyes visually smaller (unless lining with light shades). (My optician also told me that lining the inner rims may cause clogging of the inner rim glands, we do have tiny ones there)

Wide Set Eyes
You can visually reduce the distance between your eyes. Start at outer corner of eye with medium tint shadow, angling slightly upward. Apply shadow color on entire eyelid as far as crease, blending outward. Spread medium-light toned shadow to brow bone and blend to center of the lid. Apply darker color in the inner corner of the eyelid, going softly along side of bridge of nose into fullest area of brow.

eye wide set

Put darker color from inner corner to the center of your eyelid, blending into medium shade that started from the outer corner. The lightest shade should be concentrated in the center under the brow.

Stay away of adding the lightest shade to outer edges under brow, which would pull your eye outward. Line eyes completely – top and bottom – from inner to outer corners. Apply mascara. Brush lashes straight up. To make the eyes appear closer together, use mascara generously, on both upper and lower lashes.

Close Set Eyes
Close set eyes are those which are narrower than one eye width.
eye close set

To correct this with the help of an eyeliner, draw a very thin line along the upper eyelashes so that it becomes thicker near the outer corner of your eyes, or you may start lining a quarter of the way out from the inner eye corner. Smudge lines.
Put a thin layer of light eye-shadow from the inner corner of your eyes to the middle of your eyelid. After that apply shadows of darker hues starting from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner. Blend the colors in the middle of the lids. Mascara on both upper and lower lashes, but do use more mascara on the outer corners.

Deep Set Eyes
If you have deep set eyes, opt for light and nacreous colors of eyeshadows that will aid in making your eyes appear visually bigger. Apply light eyeshadows on the eyelid from the inner corner of your eye slightly angling upward and a bit further.

Apply light colors in the middle of the lid, and darker colors on and just above the socket line. Blend the darker shade softly up and out.
And put the lightest shade under brow. Remember, dark colors on brow bone will make deep set eyes look even deeper. Avoid using eyeliner on top lids, which will sink eyes further back. But line lower lid under lashes on outer one-third. Then smudge pencil line to just a shadow to minimize heaviness of top brow.

Hooded Eyes
These eyes are set so that natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. To make such eyes look more expressive apply a medium to dark shadow on the crease and hooded area.
eye hooded makeup

Then sweep a lighter shadow on the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye. Draw a very thin line along the top lash line (to keep the eye looking open) and smudge it with a cotton swab.

Apply dense black mascara to upper lashes only.

Asian Eyes
These eyes have a distinctive lift at the corner and have very little lid. To create a better look, apply light eyeshadows on your eyelids. Use an eyeliner to make a thick smoky line along upper eyelashes (the line should be thick enough to be seen well when your eyes are open).

Draw a thinner line under the lower eyelashes. To make your eyes look visually wider put brown eyeshadow on your eyebrows or apply a brown pencil. Cover your eyelashes with two or three layers of dense mascara.

Small Eyes
They are proportionately smaller in comparison to the rest of the facial features.

small eye makeup

To enhance small eyes apply a medium-toned shadow (such as soft grey or blue) to the crease and lighter shadow on the eyelids. Then use a soft-colored liner both on the top and bottom lash lines, extending the top line across the entire lash line. Apply black mascara on upper lashes.

 Prominent eyes
 These eyes tend to dominate the facial features. The eyelids are too large.

prominent makeup

Your best decision is – medium to deep shades of shadow on the lids as they help to minimize the appearance of your lids. Liner when applied to the lash bases from corner to corner gives prominent eyes a smoldering and mysterious look. Finish with a coat of black mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

For Girls Wearing Glasses
If you wear glasses your make-up should depend on the color of the frame. If the frame is bright, you don’t have to add color with eye shadows.
Pay attention to your eyelashes and put the accent on them. Opt for a black mascara.
To give your eyelashes more volume and make them fluffy, use a dense mascara and apply it from the roots to the tips. Besides, you should correct your brow line as it will be seen before people see your eyes.

That's all for today, I hope you have found this post helpful, and remember - the most important thing is that you FEEL good in the choices you make!

Til next time - ♥


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