Wednesday, February 3, 2010

◆ NARS Spring 2010 Collection ◆

Inspired by Catherine Deneuve’s role as Lucille in La Chamade; the NARS Spring 2010 Collection features soft, sexy shades that are as elegant as they are versatile. “I love Catherine’s makeup look in this movie,” says Francois Nars. “She is the perfect reference for this collection, and apropos for spring, a time to embrace color and get noticed”.

  • Duo Eyeshadow - Kuala Lumpur
  • Duo Cream Eyeshadow - Camargue
  • Single Eyeshadow - D. Gorgeous

  • Glitter pencil - Bains Douches
  • Lipstick - Cruising
  • Lip Gloss - Ophelia, Easy lover
  • Nail Polish - Purple Rain

Hmmm; that lippie and nail polish certainly looks interesting to me.... what do you gals think of this collection - any lemmings?

Til next time - ♥


krista carlson said...

I like the looks of the whole collection. Some really pretty shades there...

HeavenNRJ said...

I really like Purple Rain, but the problem is - we don't have NARS in Finland. Gotta find a close match from some other brand.

Helen said...

Hi Krista!
Definitely agree! :)

Hi HeavenNRJ!
We don't have NARS available over here either... luckily we have Internet to save us :)

HeavenNRJ said...

Sure thing! But online shops are cruel for international buyers, you know? :) Let me know, if you'll come across some super friendly e-shop (who sells NARS), ok? :) I know hqhair carries NARS, but they don't have this collection yet. Still the price for one polish (I doubt I could buy the only product though lol) would be something like 12,5 GBP for the polish plus 3,5 for the shipping (for 1 item). ~17,6 EUR for one polish... Ohhh... :/

Helen said...

I totally agree with everything you say - it IS hard to be an "International" sometimes ;)
Prices are terrible if ordering from outside US - say HQ hair - almost the double compared to US$ Dollar prices... aaarrrgghhh :(
I doubt I'll order anything from this collection - too many other things I'd like to buy instead ;)