Monday, February 9, 2009

Earthen Glow Minerals Sample Parcel Arrived

So, there was a little package from Earthen Glow Minerals in the mailbox today! :)
(Geez, I'm beginning to think I'm going "parcel-in-the-mail-addicted"...)

This is a fairly new MMU company; I must say I'm very impressed with their line of products.
They have an amazing, very extensive array of colors and products to choose from with competitive prices and great CS as well. Shipping prices are also very fair.

I especially love their foundation and blushes; they're so well pigmented and goes on like a dream, leaving me with glowing flawless skin. I think I have found my HG foundation in the "Cover Me" foundation range. I do have some scarring, and my skin gets a little blotchy from time to time, so I need that extra coverage. This covers everything, and still looks natural.
But, if you don't want/need a covering foundation, don't worry; they do have other foundation formulas as well.

I think this is my fourth or fifth order; and now I have accumulated a ton of samples to test out and experiment with. That is; if I can ever find the time... :)

Well, let's go on with it; this is what I got this time:

Only $2.20 shipping to Sweden; that's relatively cheap!

I love those cute little organza string pouches that the samples come in.

All lined up...
First row L-R: Dia foundation, Isabel foundation, Monique foundation
(all from "Cover Me" range)
Second row L-R: Blushing blush, Blushed blush, Carmel blush (all matte)
Third row L-R: Monterey shadow, Bullet Train shadow, Switch shadow

First row L-R: Cara foundation, Claire foundation, Camille foundation
(all from "Cover Me" range)
Second row L-R: Early Summer bronzer (matte), July bronzer (matte),
Caribbean Queen blush
Third row L-R: Sunset blush, Pledge blush, Twist eye shadow

Lena foundation (from "Cover Me" range), Lightly Tinted finishing powder
Bermuda blush (matte)

Back-up dupes.
Can you tell I'm trying to decide whether I'm a Cara or a Camille? :)

That's it for now; hope to see you soon :)


Robyn said...

Hi Vanessa! I just wanted to say I love the new look of your blog. Isn't "The Cutest Blog on the Block" the best web site? I told Phyrra (Decorative Diva) about them and it really made her beauty blog come to life too. P.S. Love your new profile pic.

Vanessa said...

Hi Robyn!
How sweet of you; thanks so much!!

inthemake said...

Thanx for the awsome tip, this is a new brand to me...