Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MAC BBR & Starflash Haul Arrived!

Look what the nice mail man brought me today!
This is my latest eBay haul, consisting of a lippie named What A Do! from the MAC BBR (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead) collection, and a Starflash eye shadow called "Grand Entrance". This is a frost lippie; I really love these, they have great color payoff and the colors are so vibrant. The down side is that they are quite drying to my lips, which is why I don't use them very often these days. The MAC frost lipsticks have been replaced by NYX as my HG lippies, since they are much more moisturizing and also way cheaper :) However, I just couldn't resist this one; the color looked way to intriguing :) And I sure wasn't dissappointed when opening the package; I'm a sucker for colors like these.
I've been dying to try one of the Starflash shadows since having read many glowing reviews of it texture wise. I'll make sure to post my own review once I've tried it :)

Look at the cute little doggie :)
He/she was great do deal with, and probably run to the post office to drop off
my parcel right away since it arrived very fast!

MAC Starflash Eye Shadow in "Grand Entrance" and MAC Frost
Lipstick in "What A Do!"

Grand Entrance (left) and What A Do! (right)

"Grand Entrance"
Described by MAC as a frosty neutral peach beige
It's very shimmery; I think it's going to be a great lid and highlighter color
Limited edition - grab it while you can!

"What A Do!"
This is described by MAC as a neutral pink coral and belongs to the redhead group of the collection. I'm far from a redhead but I'll use it anyway :)
Limited edition - grab it while you can!

Have you tried any Starflash eye shadows? If so; what did you think of them?
Have you done any shopping from the BBR collection?

See you soon :)


Lucy said...

I haven't tried any of that collection. I was saving for the Hello Kitty collection. I do love the lip color. Looks very nice on you. Looking at the color of the tube I didn't think it would be that shade. I really like it. I really really love lipstick!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Lucy!
I'm lipstick addicted as well :) If I hadn't spent so much $$$ on lipstick, I'd probably be a millionaire by now :D