Friday, February 6, 2009

Fyrinnae Mineral Pigment Swatches

Inspired by the lovely miss Phyrra , I decided to do swatches of the few Fyrinnae sample colors that I have.
I hope I will soon work up the courage to do an EOTD using them..:)

Overall, I just LOVE the quality of these pigments; they are so well pigmented and extremely vibrant. When applied wet (foiled), the colors really come alive! The Fyrinnae pigments should be gently patted on, which I personally think goes for all loose pigments, not just this brand. If I try applying loose powders in a traditional sweeping, brushing motion, the powder flies everywhere. I get a much better result by patting the pigments onto the lids, and then gently blend afterwards. But that's just me, everyone has their own technique; do whatever works for you :)

Click the pictures for a larger image.

L-R: Dragonmagic, Neo Universe and Platinum

I just love Dragonmagic! It's a deep dark vibrant emerald green, so pretty.
Neo Universe is darker and more "grape-ish" than the picture shows. It's sparkly, but if buffed most of the sparkle disappears.
Platinum is a complex shadow; just like stated on the Fyrinnae website, this is somewhere in between silver and gold. Really gorgeous color.

Polar Bear (left) and Equality (right)

Polar Bear is a shimmery light gold shade, makes a great highlighter.
Equality is described as an "as close to holographic as we have gotten" shade. Similar to Platinum (silver/gold shade)

City Glam Colors; Lights of Auckland (left) and Lights of Stockholm (right)

♥ Oohhh, the love I have for these! ♥
If you're not into serious sparkle, these pigments are probably not for you.
However; I'm such a sucker for everything blingy, and these are no exception :) When foiled, they really do look like tin foil on the lids.
Auckland is a light, glittery green shade, while Stockholm is a pale glittery lavender/silver.
Those are described by Fyrinnae as "pure sparkle, no "background" colors, no fillers, just safe cosmetic grade imitation glitter. Unlike mica-based shimmers, these really sparkle"!
And let me tell you, they are right; they really do.

Bad photo, sorry...

Outside , no flash, light/medium warm skintone
Top row are foiled, lower row gently patted on dry.
L-R: Lights of Stockholm, Lights of Auckland, Equality, Polar Bear, Platinum, Neo Universe and Dragonmagic

Inside with flash

Isn't it cool how the color changes when foiled?
All except for Neo Universe turn intensely metallic!

Like I said, I really like these pigments.
The only problem I have with Fyrinnae is the shipping time; the current time frame stated for February is 10 - 18 business days, and I think that's quite long. Sometimes it's even longer. On the other hand, I'm a very inpatient person by nature; when I want something I want it now :D
Also, they do state the shipping time up front on the homepage, so you can always make an informed decision whether you'd be willing to wait the time stated or not.

Love and beauty to you all; see you soon :)


Phyrra said...

Beautiful Swatches!
Wow, Polar Bear and Equality really are gorgeous!
I really like Lights of Auckland, and Lights of Stockholm is pretty, too.

I didn't mind the shipping time on Fyrinnae, but only because they state the shipping time up front. I like it when a business is honest and up front about their turn around time.

Thank you so much for sharing these swatches!

Vanessa said...

You're right; stating the time frame up front does make a big difference.
Also; when something is really good, it's well worth waiting for :)

Robyn said...

I can't wait to see some EOTD's from you using these fabulous colors. P.S. I also use a patting technique when applying all of my mineral eye shadows. Just seems to work better for me. Many colors have a smokey undertone (or are multi-tonal) and if you don't pat them, you lose the complexity of the color and you're just left w/ mud.

Vanessa said...

Hi Robyn!
I so agree with you; the complexity gets lost and you end up with a muddy looking eye.