Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Body Shop Hot Brights Summer Collection

These are The Body Shop "Hot Brights" Summer collection promo shots! Seeing these pics really makes me want to run around in flip flops or sip an "umbrella drink"!

There's not much info around for the collection yet but it seems like the theme is "duos" in purple, blue or bronze. Two blush/highlighters, two eye shadows (in blue or purple tones) and two eyeliners (also blue or purple).
Additionally; there are two "Hot Brights Lips and Cheeks Duo", which seems to be a gloss and a stain (01 -Rose Sunrise and 02 - Coral Sand).

I'm not a regular TBS customer; in fact I don't own one single TBS item... I've just never found something that wows me, or stands out that I haven't already found in other companies. This collection looks somewhat intriguing; I doubt I'll pick anything up from it, though ;)

Do you like the Body Shop? What do you think of this collection?


krista carlson said...

I really like the body shop body butters...they smell so good and are so luxurious...I use the nut one and we have used the lip balms in the small containers and body scrubs....Their body products are really nice...I haven't ever used there makeup though so I don't know...It does look very interesting...Does catch the eye....

Mary said...

The colors look really pretty on the model, but just so-so as a collection, in my opinion. I only have a Shimmer Cube and it's not very pigmented. I love their hand care products though! The almond scent in them is wonderful.

Velvet said...

I'm the same way! I don't have anything from TBS either,for the same reasons. But these promo pics look interesting. I will have to at least check this collection out. When released.

Phyrra said...

These just don't seem like Hot Brights to me. Nice advertising pictures, but the colors don't do anything for me.

inthemake said...

Same here...I don´t own one single item from TBS ;)

Vanessa said...

Sorry for late and all that got in the way... :)

Hi Krista!
The body butters seem very popular, I have only smelled them in the stores occasionally, and they sure smell good :)
Have you tried Lure Beauty body butters?
I wonder how they compare..?

Hi Mary!
Oh, the shimmer cubes are gorgeous to look at! But, you know I've heard this from a lot of people, that the products are poorly pigmented...
I agree this collection is only so-so, at it's best.. ;)

Hi miss Velvet!
Do go ahead and check'em out..:)

Hi Phyrra!
I totally agree; not very many hot brights to be found here... ;)

I'm not alone then ;)

Brooke said...

Wow, is that girl in the advertisments my twin or what?? I mean she looks JUST like me!! lol - not! SHe is some kind of pretty though! She almost makes me want to buy that make up :)