Thursday, April 2, 2009

Zoya Collections - Summer 09

Zoya's summer collections are two sets of polishes; Ohh-La-La is a collection of bright metallics and La-Di-Da is a collection of bright cremes .
Aren't these mouth watering?
Personally I have lemmings from both collections - Katy and Midori from Oh-La-La as well as America and Renee from La-Di-Da, but all of them look pretty in one way or another ;)

Let's take a look at the promo pictures...

Ooh-La-La Collection:

* Katy - Pink purple with multi-color metallic highlights
* Tallulah Vibrant metallic medium blue
* Midori - Unexpected metallic apple green
* Goldie - Multi dimensional metallic yellow gold
* Emme - Shimmering soft pink
* Ginessa - Multi dimensional metallic frosty white

La-Di-Da Collection:

* America - Bright orange red
* Dita Cherry - Red cream
* Renee - Ultra bright cherry red
* Paz - Ultra bright neon orange
* Ali - Ultra bright neon pink
* Pippa - Ultra bright neon yellow

These collections are available from from April 1st.

So, any lemmings from these? Tell me about 'em! ;)


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Nixxy said...

Hmmm Tallulah and Midori are calling to me. the rest look nice, but either are too similar to other colours, or wouldn't suit me eg - the oranges. Still - I love seeing them all lined up like that. They look soo pretty :)

Kajsa said...

I like Tallulah and Midori so far..
I'm hoping that Midori won't turn out streaky!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Nixxy!
Ya know, I'm not really very fond of oranges either; they make me look sick ;)

Hi Kajsa!
I hope so too! I really like this color too :)

Velvet said...

This too funny! I want the same four polishes as you,lol!! You know, I don't own any Zoya(gasp)!!

Brooke said...

None of these just really are calling my name. Maybe when I see some swatches, that might change. The gold and yellow ones look interesting, but I need to see them on some nails :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Velvet!
I discovered Zoya not very long ago (I ordered 10 polishes off ebay ;)) and I LOVE them! There are over 300 colors to choose from! I highly recommend for you to try them :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Brooke!
I'm dying to see some swatches too! Who will be the first, you think? Scrangie, or Katee, or.... :)

Brooke said...

Has Katee had anything up in a while? I subscribed to her blog and I haven't had an email update from her in forever. I will go visit her blog and see if there is anything new up. My guess is Scrangie or The Nailphile though :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Brooke!
No, she hasn't updated in 2 weeks, I believe. I know she mentioned something about starting a new job, being very busy, but I hope she comes back to posting regularly soon again. I love her pictures! :)

Lucy said...

I also like Tallulah and Midori. I guess the Midori is like the Midori liquer. Only not drinkable! I might be able to resist. The truth is that I usually wait to see them on nails. Well I wait if it looks like I have something like them already.

Vanessa said...

Perhaps it is drinkable Lucy, you never know... #:>