Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off Topic: Jeff Dunham Rocks!!

OK, so I'm sure a lot of you has seen this guy already, but for those of you who aren't familiar with belly talker Jeff Dunham, I thought I'd present him to you!
This guy is really something extra; the boyfriend and I were watching his show On Comedy Central (TV-channel) the other night, and I laughed so much I almost wet my pants ;) Seriously! Just my type of humor... ;)


Hey, Nixxy, if you're reading this; how's this guy qualifying for MWCILTRMND? (And I don't mean Achmed, I better state that clearly, or else knowing you I can sense what's coming...) #:D

EDIT::: For those of you who don't quite follow this MWCILTRMND "talk" and are curious to find out more; check out the eminent Nixxy's MWCILTRMND's posts here and here!

Til next time; take care ;)



clockwork said...

love love love Achmed!

Vanessa said...

Hi Clockwork!
lol; me too, he's the greatest ;)

Brooke said...

I remember him from America's Got Talent a couple of years ago. I think his tour is coming here to Oklahoma soon, I saw it posted on a billboard on the way to work the other day.

Good save, or you KNOW Nixxy would have toally ran with that one!! But it would still be a joy to hear it! lol

Vanessa said...

Hi miss Brooke!
Haha! It sure would, the thought occurred to me as well :) LOL!!
Not too late yet... ;)

Nixxy said...

hehehe you all know me too well! :D

As for qualifying for MWCILTRMND - I'd have to see him without a shirt in order to come to a fair and balanced opinion on the matter. Purely scientific, you understand... :D

Vanessa said...

Hi Nix!
LOL! Of course you'd have to see him without the shirt - how incredibly stupid of me! #;) Theoretically, then..? OK, I'll stop it! I'm a dork! I'm outta here! :)