Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Lipstick Effect

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So, lipstick sales rise when economies sink!
This subject was even on the Swedish television news the other day...
It's great that we, the beauty product junkies galores, are contributing to uphold at least a little portion of the world economy, right? ;)

Have fun reading...

Lipstick Sales Rise When Economies Sink

Optimistic pinks, calming lavenders hot for spring

Stock portfolios aren't the only things going into the red--so are our lips.

Analysts and economists glibly call it the "leading lipstick indicator," or the "lipstick effect": When everyone else is begging for bailouts, they've noticed, cosmetic companies see sales soar.

"It's something that people certainly talk about," says Kyle Murray, director of the University of Alberta's School of Retailing.

"I think it reflects that people reward themselves with smaller purchases in response to tough economic times."

According to the New York Times, the term was coined by Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder when he saw his lipstick sales skyrocket in the downturn after Sept. 11.

"People have a hard time changing their spending habits,"Murray explains. "An easy way to spend less but not stop buying is to buy smaller items, less expensive items, smaller indulgences--so buying a latte at Starbucks or new lipstick, rather than spending money on a new watch."

For women looking for a cheap pick-me-up going into spring, cosmetic companies appear to be turning toward bright, optimistic pinks and calming lavenders, says Amy Fralick, Sephora specialist at West Edmonton Mall.

"It's more of a younger (woman) that's going for the brighter colours," Fralick says, while more mature women tend to stick to neutrals and soft pinks. "But hey," she adds, "some mature women can pull it off for sure."

Estee Lauder's new Fuchsia Now collection was inspired by berry shades seen recently on fashion runways, says Estee Lauder global makeup stylist Rick DiCecca, but vibrant palettes have always been popular for ushering in spring.

"People are in an upbeat mood, there's a feeling of optimism and people want to play," DiCecca says. "It's easier for people to wear brighter shades when the mood is optimistic and you get to be outside and not bundled up in that Arctic cold."

Of course, bold fuchsias and purples are not for everyone. Nudes and neutrals are still popular daytime shades, says Fralick, while bright reds continue to fire things up at night.

"Red has always been in," notes Fralick, "I just see a younger clientele try for red, which wasn't happening before."

These days, says the industry veteran, red is "just making a big comeback."

Fralick thinks the trend has a lot to do with celebrities successfully rocking red on red carpets.

"Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera --they're young and they pull it off quite well," she says. "It's a very classy, movie-star kind of look."

"You want to feel good and you want to look good when the economy is going down the tube. You still want to feel good about yourself," Fralick says.

"A lipstick is something that's more affordable and it can brighten up your look and you don't have to spend that much money."

How To Pull Off Wearing Pink

Fuchsia lipstick, says Estee Lauder global makeup stylist Rick DiCecca, is not for wallflowers.

"Wearing a brighter tone is a statement," he says. "You get noticed more."

With all eyes on you, it might be a good idea to do it right. Here are DiCecca's top tips for thinking pink: - Your lipstick is the kicker. Keep the rest of your look soft and feminine, says DiCecca, to draw attention to your pucker. A light dusting of rose on the apples of your cheeks is all it takes to make your skin glow. "It brightens up anybody's face," he says. - Balance your eyes with your lips. You can still do a smoky eye, but don't go too dark. "You don't want to do a heavy, dramatic eye. You want to do a softly defined eye to make the drama about your lips and not about your face." - Take care of your skin. "Any time you're wearing a brighter colour, make sure your skin is well-balanced," says DiCecca. "Nothing's going to look good . . . if you haven't taken the proper steps."Clean, tone and moisturize before applying makeup.

--Edmonton Journal

I hope you found this article as interesting to read as I did ;)

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Mary said...

That was interesting reading, thanks for sharing it! Makeup is a good mood lifter, that's for sure :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Mary!
I couldn't agree with you more ;)

Velvet said...

Interesting article. It makes sense. A tube of lipstick is a nice way to reward yourself. To feel better,without breaking the bank account.

Vanessa said...

Hi Velvet!
Exactly ;)

Lucy said...

Hi Sweetie! We both don't need any excuse to buy lipstick. I've added at least 6 or more in the past few months. New Mac lipsticks, my first Urban Decay and Two Faced lipsticks. There was a good sale on the latter two brands. I sometimes just look at each tube of lipstick and swivel up the bullet and gaze at the lovely colors.

Vanessa said...

Hi Lucy!
You know, it's great to get to know another true lipstick addict! I have no one near me that understands my fetishism with lipstick; they just think I'm weird and have a shopping problem (which I may very well have! ;))
You are so right; we don't need an excuse! lol!
Which is your absolute favorite lippie, if you had pick one?