Friday, April 17, 2009

OK, that's it...

...someone please get me into shopping rehab immediately! Now!! Pronto!!! :D

Seriously, I have done a little to much hauling lately, and as fun as it is I have to slow down a bit ;) Therefore I promised myself yesterday that I won't be shopping any more makeup and nail polish for a while. So; as of today I am officially on a no-buy until the end of May... *sigh* I have a few more small packages on the way, but they will be the last ones (*sigh*) for a little while.

(Inner dialog: No-buy, how extremely boring.... What the heck I am supposed to post about? Well, how about all the stuff you already have, stupid... )

Anyway; this much anticipated package was delivered by the nice mailman (well, it's mail woman, actually!) yesterday.
I've been dying to try Sinful Colors polishes for quite a while now, so when Cherry Culture had 25% off the entire store recently, I decided to order... a few of them .... *ahem*.
While I was at it, I also just happen to throw in a *few* NYX polishes and pencils... Strange, isn't it? I don't understand how that just happens... ;)

Well; are you ready to take a look at the awesomeness? Great; fasten your seat belts, here we go!

Almost all of the pics in this post are a little blurred to the left.. I'm so very sorry, I didn't see it until I had completed uploading them... I took a look at the camera lens, and there was a spot of something there... I hope you can still get a good idea of the colors, though... ;)

L-R: Memory of Antigua, Lagoon, Lioba and Tokyo Doll

L-R: Orlando, Glitz, Silly Alix and Chicago

L-R: Bahama Sunset, Bali Mist, Pink Diamond and Pretty in Pink

L-R: Forget Now, Real Red, Rich in Heart and Yummy

Fashion Neon and Gorgeous

Moving on to the NYX Girl polishes...

L-R: Mother of Pearl, Naked, Poppy, Lingerie

L-R: Dark Cherry, Wild, Azure and Showgirl

Here's an example of just how off the Cherry Culture color swatches are.
I thought it would be nice to have a grey polish in my stash, since I don't have any. So, after having a look at the swatch below, I thought I had found a perfect one! Are they similar, you think...? Well, this is a nice blingy color per se, so I'm fairly happy with it judging only by the bottle, but it wasn't exactly what I expected it to be when I ordered it... ;)

NYX Showgirl...

Two more shades in another bottle design; have no idea why, I prefer those bottles above, though ;)
L-R: Whisper and Cocktails

NYX Long Lip Liners in "Prune", a dark plummy shade and "Plush Red", which is more of a bright hot pink than it is a red. I knew this before I ordered it, it was my intention to buy a shade like that. Those are BOGO (buy one, get one); so I paid $2 for both.

Slim eye pencil in "Echo Green" - a gorgeous medium metallic teal-green shade
I dunno if this shade has been discontinued, it isn't available on the NYX website, so hurry up and grab it if you like it :)

L-R: Prune, Plush Red and Echo Green
Eeek; my hand looks wrinkly...

So; this was my recent Cherry Culture haul. The Sinful polishes are $2 each, and the NYX Girl polishes are $1.50 each, which I consider cheapo cheap! Plus, as I mentioned; I got 25% off, so they were even cheaper.
I'm not so sure I'll be able to stick to this no-buy commitment, I guess we'll have to wait and see, time will tell.. ;)

Which are your favorites from the above? Any Sinful favorites that are not included in this haul?

Hope to see you very soon; have a great weekend!!



Alexlyndra said...

I just found your blog and I have to ask, are you from Sweden? Because you write only in English but it says "Vanessa, Sweden" and I think your blog looks interesting. So I want to know if I can comment in Swedish in your blog? :P

Brooke said...

shoooooweeee~ that's a lot of polish girl!! lmao

Yes, I think you need a break to try out all of the goodies you got! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Brooke!
LOL; I figured someone would say that :D

Vanessa said...

Hi Alexlyndra!
I'm Swedish, so please free to comment in Swedish!
Eller, som vi säger här; lämna gärna en kommentar :)

krista carlson said...

That is alot of will be busy for a long time...Looks like you got some wonderful things though so you will have plenty to blog about for a long while.....

Nessa said...

Let me know how you like the np. I knew those 'swatches' looked strange!

Mary said...

Holy haul, batman! You got alot of great things there. Thanks for sharing :)

Lucy said...

Nice load of polishes! I love Yummy, Rich in Heart, Real Red and oh I love them all! I don't have a one of them. I checked my list to make sure. They must be all new shades. I will have to visit Cherry Culture. How are NYX eyeliner pencils? Are they easy to draw on your eye? Looking forward to your swatching.

Nixxy said...

Ho-ly moly! I like your definition of "few"! :D You're gonna be kept busy a while with that lot...

Olivia C. said...

Sinful Colors are the best. They are great polishes for a great price!! :) I see that you got Pink Diamond... I have Purple Diamond and it's awesome. I also JUST bought Gorgeous~ I LOVE it!! Have fun trying out all your new polishes! :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Krista!
I agree; I will most definitely be busy for a while :)

Hi Nessa!
Promise I will ;)

Hi Mary!
Always welcome :)

Hi Lucy!
I saw a swatch of Rich in Heart on a Spanish blog, and I fell in love with it instantly. Hope I will love it equally as much on my tips!

Hi Nixxy!
LOL at "a few"... Gonna be busy indeed, and I'll share it all with you ;)

Hi Olivia!
Great to know they're good, would have hated it if I'd bought a truck load of crap... ;)
Those Diamond shades look like glass, I've seen swatches of Purple Diamond, and it looks really pretty.
Pink Diamond looks super pretty in the bottle, so does Gorgeous.

Velvet said...

LOL.... I nearly fell off my chair,when I saw how many sinful polishes!!! I love it! Great Haul you have there Miss Vanessa!!! Have fun trying all polish and make-up! Can't wait for swatches and reviews!

Vanessa said...

Hi Velvet!
Good thing you stayed on that chair :)
I'm gonna have a lot of fun, no doubt, stay tuned for swatches :)

Alexlyndra said...

Perfekt! Då blir det svenska. ;) Det är några riktigt grymt snygga lack du fått hem, och inte är det några heller. :P

Vanessa said...

Hej Alexlyndra!
Tack! Ja det är några stycken... ;)
Jag är riktigt spänd på att testa dem, det finns flera hundra olika färger att välja mellan, så det var inte lätt att begränsa sig :)

CrazyNails said...

Underbart!!!! Skönt att det finns fler galningar, så härligt att inte känna sig så ensam;)
Lacken är helt underbara!

Vanessa said...

Hej CrazyNails!
Ja, jag känner mig verkligen som en första klassens galning kul är det :D

Erica said...

OMG! Guuud avd mycket Sinful Color lack, ser ju genast att du behöver hjälp med att göra slut på dem..Finns här om det skulle bli sånna problem :D

Vanessa said...

Hej Erica!!
hihi - jag lovar att ha Dig i åtanke om det skulle vara så :D

inthemake said...

Jö har du att göra ett bra tag hihihi

Vanessa said...

skojar du...? :D Färdigshoppat på ett tag... fast jag vet ju hur det brukar gå... ;)