Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NOTD: Zoya Tori

Hello there ;)

Today let me present to you... drum roll .... Zoya Tori!
Tori is a multi glitzy sparkling metallic red, it's packed with red and silver glitter, which looks awesome in the sun, very sparkly :)
I really like this one, but then of course I'm a sucker for all things bling-y as you all know ;) The pictures don't do this beauty justice, my camera refused to pick up all of that pretty glitter, bummer!
The swatches are three coats, butter-like application. As usual when it comes to the Zoyas I've tried so far ;)

Direct sunlight...

Slightly different angle...


What's your take on this sparkling red? Which are your personal red polish favorites?

See you very soon :)



Brooke said...

That looks really close to China Glaze Raspberry Festival I just had on yesterday! Do you know how close in color they are? It looks like the shimmer is a little different, but it seems pretty close. Looks great! i was just thinking how much I liked the color and maybe I needed it when It dawned on me that it looked like the color I had on yesterday! lol

Velvet said...

That is one gorgeous color! Hmmm... my favorites would be Opi's An Affair in Red Square. And Sinful's Sugar,sugar! Also...what an awesome haul of NYX make-up! You can never have too!(From one make-up addict to another..he,he,he)

krista carlson said...

That is a beautiful color...your nails looks so perfect...I wish I had the skills and time to do my nails like that...really awesome...

Nixxy said...

ooh yum - gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Your nails look beautiful! Love that shade of red. I haven't worn red in such a long time. I'll have to get some on my nails quickly.

Mary said...

Your nails are beautiful! That's a pretty color, sort of glowy.

inthemake said...

It´s a gorgeous red colour!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Brooke!
They are actually quite different; I'll do a comparison post later today :)

Hi Velvet!
LOL regarding makeup addiction :)
An Affair in Red Square seems really pretty from the swatches I've seen ;)

Hi Krista!
Thank you! I'm still learning, though. Practice makes perfect as they say ;)

Hi Nix!
It is, isn't it? :)

Hi Lucy!
Thank you! Now go and dig out those reds from the bin... ;)

Hi Mary!
Thank you! You're right, it is glowy - just my kind of polish :)

Hi Inthemake!
Thanks; I love sultry reds.. :)

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