Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More NYX Hauling... :) Really?

OK; somebody tell me I have a problem with NYX! I obviously can't seem to control my "click finger", since I recently ended up buying even more NYX products that I really don't need (or do I? ;) ) ... Perhaps I should found "NYX-aholics Anonymous"?
Seriously, I just love these products; they are great value for money and they are cheapo cheap as well (at least by Swedish standards). I have been very curious about the fairly new Black Label lipsticks, and so I ordered two of those, and I also wanted to try out the Jumbo Eye Pencils, and so I ordered one of those. Also really needed (yeah, right... ;)) a few new lip pencils, and so I ordered some of those... and a blue eye pencil, which I honestly don't have in my collection... and of course a gloss, since I really, really don't have any glosses... :D NYX-aholics Anonymous it is....
I got these products from MsCuppyCakes.com; which is a great site selling only NYX cosmetics and Red Cherry false lashes. Shipping is very reasonable, and the goodies arrived promptly within 8-10 days or so; not bad at all. This is actually two separate orders that arrived a few days apart, on which I decided to do one post.

Haul #1...

Like I said; I really needed some new Round lippies.. ;)

Jumbo Pencil "Cottage Cheese" #608 and Lip Gloss "Pink Frost" #127

Haul #2...

NYX Round Lipstick "Goddess", Black Label Lipstick "Satin" & "Sahara"
Very similar shades...

L-R: Insatiable, Nepal, Candlelight, Pale Shrimp, Nectar, Sapphire

L-R: Pencils: Insatiable, Nepal, Candlelight, Pale Shrimp, Nectar, Sapphire. Round Lipstick: Goddess. Black Label Lipstick: Satin, Sahara

Slightly different angle... As you can see Goddess and Sahara are very similar...

I really like the Black Label lipsticks. They have a fresh scent, feel very moisturizing on the lips, and the colors are so vibrant. But, in my honest opinion, they are not "better" in terms of texture compared to the Round lipsticks. The main difference between the RL and the BLL is that the BLL don't contain any Mineral Oil. I paid $4.50 each for the Black Label Lipsticks, and only $1.25 each for the Round Lipsticks. I don't know if I think I can justify buying more BLL, paying more than 3 times as much for those, when I feel the Round lippies are just as good. They are not that special. At least not to me ;) However, if you are looking for products that are free from Mineral Oil, you should try them.
Regarding the eye- and lip pencil(s); they are great! Not too hard, not too soft: just perfect texture! They are very easy to work with, and they stay put. I really don't know the difference between the lip pencils; one of them (Nectar) is from the "Slim Lip Pencil" range and is shorter than the others, which are called only "Lip Pencil". The Slim pencils are priced at $2.25 each, the others are $1.75 each. The eye pencil is from the "Slim Eye Pencil" range, and just like the Slim Lip Pencils these are priced at $2.25 each.

As for the Round Lipsticks in this post; I promise to do an update post where I'll swatch them for you as soon as possible.. ;)

That's it for now, I'm out of here :)

See you very soon,



krista carlson said...

oh wow....some gorgeous stuff there...Some serious jealousy going on here...You are going to have so much fun with those.....I don't think you have a problem at all....Just having a lot of fun!!!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Krista!
LOL; thank you!! (sigh of relief ;))
I just checked out your blog, nice one :)
I know I'll have lots of fun with those, like always.. :)

Brooke said...

Lipstick has got to be my worst. I can never find a color that looks good on me! I always feel self concious with lipstick on, like it just doesn't look right on me or something. How do you find so many lipsticks that look good on you? How do you know if they will look good on?

Vanessa said...

Hi Brooke!
Perhaps you're just not used to wearing it, and that's the reason you feel it's odd looking? I really don't know in advance whether or not they'll look good on. To be honest, most of the time I just buy what I think is pretty (shades I like when looking at them), not thinking that much about whether they'll look good or not. It's trial and error... :) I have quite a few that I looks horrible on, and usually I pass them on to my mother or my sister :)
Just keep on looking for a shade you like, and try it out for a while ;)

Pixie said...

NYX is pretty awesome. I really like the eyeshadows and the blushes.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing all of that! The only NYX I have is nail polish and I don't think I've ever seen their cosmetics. But after seeing how pretty they are, I'm going to start looking :)

Phyrra said...

Cottage Cheese is one of my favorite highlighters. You picked out some great colors :)

Nice haul!

Vanessa said...

Hi Pixie!
I love their eye shadows too :) I have yet to try out their blushes, is there a special shade that you can recommend?

Hi Mary!
Do check around; they are available at MsCuppyCakes (as said above), Nonpareil Boutique (www.nonpareilboutique.com) and Cherry Culture just to mention a few. there are also a few Ebay store that carry NYX. Do check around for swatches before you buy any lippies, the swatches on NYX website really suck, in most cases they are far from accurate... (I've posted a lot of lipstick swatches here on my blog, just click the label "NYX" and you'll find them)
Hope this helps; good luck and let me know if you buy anything, will ya? ;)

Hi Phyrra!
Yes, I seem to recall that you like Cottage Cheese, I think I saw it on your blog :)

Lina said...

I hope you will show swatches of the new nyx lipsticks?

Lucy said...

Pretty lippies! You can never have enough of them. Glad to know the difference between the lipsticks. I'll save my money since mineral oil doesn't bother me. I'll have to check out your swatches again before ordering.

Vanessa said...

Hi Lina!
You bet! ASAP ;)

Hi Lucy!
Glad to be of service :)
And you're absolutely right, one can never have too many lippies... :)

Robyn said...

My most recent NYX lipstick purchase was from Ms. Cuppycakes. I was very pleased with my order (customer service, shipping, etc.). Just when I think I couldn't possibly need more lippies, you make me want to go and get more. I really need to post my NYX lippies and you can let me know which colors I don't have that you think I can't live without.;-)

Vanessa said...

Hi Robyn!
Sure; it will be fun to see which colors you have in your stash too :)
A woman always need more lippies... ;)

Nessa said...

Don't hate/hurt me when I say this: I have never tried NYX!!
I know I know...but I don't know why!?
I have always passed them up and there are never really THIS great stuff that you have here at Ulta and the drugstores that I go to. And me being the np 'diva' that i am I really want to try their np. Have you tried it?

Vanessa said...

Hi Nessa!
Sorry I'm so late seeing this comment, I missed it ;)
I could never hate/hurt you girl! There's a time for everything, or so they say. You have plenty of time to test it ;)
I have tried only two of them, but with my most recent haul I will be testing lots more very soon so stay tuned :)