Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Very First Orlys and NOTD!

Hello gals!
Hope you're having a great Thursday ;)

These are my very first Orly polishes that arrived yesterday!
I have used one Orly product in the past, the Orly Bonder, but I ended up passing that one along since it stained my nails yellow, and I don't particularly care for that look.. ;)
I bought these from an eBay seller. They are all minis, containing 0.18oz/5,4ml each.

L-R: Hottie, Lola, Berry Sweet, Limelite & Grape Glitz

....which leads us to todays nail, which is Lola!

This shade is from the Hot Stuff Collection. Orly describes this as a neon pink, I strongly disagree. To me, this resembles a hot, bright coral-y pink cream shade; I fell in love with this instantly! Mostly because of the lovely color, but also due to the formula. This was like painting on melted butter, application was that smooth! Also, it's very glossy and the coverage is great; it was opaque after two coats, but true to my habits I had to do a third just because... :)

Full on sun...

Slightly different angle...


What do you think of Orly polishes? Do you have any favorite shades? Do you like this one?

Tonight is Walpurgis Night here in Sweden!
Walpurgis on April 30 is a widely celebrated special event in Scandinavia, most of all in Sweden.
Walpurgis Night precedes Labour Day on May 1 and many Walpurgis events continue over night from April 30 into that holiday.
The forms of celebration in Sweden vary in different parts of the country and between different cities. One of the main traditions is to light large bonfires, a custom which began during the 18th century. Lighting the popular bonfires began with the purpose of keeping away evil spirits, especially demons and witches. Nowadays, Walpurgis Night is usually seen as a celebration of springtime.
Many Swedes now celebrate the end of long, dreary winters by singing Spring songs. These songs were spread by the students' spring festivities and Walpurgis Night celebrations are especially common in university towns. Walpurgis celebrations are not a family occasion, but rather a public event. Once the fire dies, many people move on to pubs and restaurants or to friends’ parties.
Walpurgis being celebrated on April 30 creates a double national holiday in Sweden. On this day, King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his birthday. So you'll see Swedish flags all around the country to salute the King ;)

May Day/Labor Day (May 1st) follows Walpurgis Night celebrations with a wide choice of events, parades and festivities. Some mark this traditional workers’ day of leave by joining one or other of the May Day demonstrations that parade through the streets of their town or village, beneath banners carrying slogans of a political, classical or more topical nature.
The weather is going to be warm and sunny, yay! ;)
I'm not one of those going out in the streets demonstrating, though. I'll be going out in the garden instead... ;)

Until next time;



Nixxy said...

wow - definitely gonna get myself some Orlys next haul :)
Have a great holiday!

Phyrra said...

Gorgeous colors!
I love the mini size.

And I hope you have a lovely holiday.

Vanessa said...

Hi Nixxy!
I hope the rest of these are as great, you'll find out soon ;)

Hi Phyrra!
Thank you! I like minis as well; then we can try out more colors, right? ;)

Robyn said...

Wonderful colors! I love Lola on you. It reminds me a lot of my Milani "Tropical Fiesta." I can't wait to see the others on you.

Robyn said...

I'm going to celebrate Walpurgis Night with you (in spirit) and light a fire in our firepit tonight. The kids will enjoy it. I'm sure Cameron will ask me to break out the marshmallows.

Vanessa said...

Hi Robyn!
Oh yes, I saw the Milani one, I agree they do look very similar! I'm also wondering how this one compares to Zoya Renee of the new La-Di-Da Summer collection; from the swatches I've seen so far they also look alike.

Awww; that's so sweet of you!! Tell Cameron he'll get stomach pain if eating too many marshmallows.. ;)

Brooke said...

Keeping my mouth shut on this recent haul........ (only because you called me out the last time I did):)

Love that color!! Very pretty :)

Mary said...

Those are beautiful! I love the green and purple especially. I haven't seen shades like that where I get my Orly's. Nice haul!

krista carlson said...

I love those colors...Very beautiful and you do a great job with your nails...

*Nehs* said...

thank you Vanessa! your NOTD's are great!

Vanessa said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks; I'm eager to try out those two ;)

Hi Krista!
Thank you so much!

Hi Nehs;
Welcome & Thanks ;)

Tuli said...

What a great colors ! Lola is gorgeous and it looks great on you !
And also, thank you for sharing with us your tradition for May 1st, it was really interesting to read. Hope you had fun :-)

Vanessa said...

Hi Tuli!
Thank you!!
Glad you found it interesting; I know I always enjoy reading and learning about other countries and their customs and traditions, but you never know how others might feel ;)
Have a nice weekend!

Robyn said...

Fabulous color! Bright coral pinks are one of my favorite shades on my toes.